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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Can anyone help please

Hi everyone I do hope you are all well and keeping warm
No card today but I will have one soon I promise but the reason I am posying is can anybody help me
I am trying to set up a blog for something but I want it to be totally seperate from this one and all infor on it like when you start a challenge blog and the info on the about bit is about the challenge not a person. Because if I start one through now like when I started punkyouGirl it took my info to that blog and I really want it to start from scratch am I makingf sense I hope so lol :o/
Can anyone help please


  1. Hello Jacki, I would say for you to open a website you can get one free from here;
    Weebly Free website I use these and it is so easy to use it is just choose a design and then drag and drop and you can have as many pages as you like, which can be a shop, web page or BLOG! If you would like to check mine out please feel free:
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx
    Lady Anne's

  2. What a great question Jackie and a great answer from Lady Anne. Thanks Ladies


Thank you so much for your comments they are very appreciated
Jacki xx

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